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Last Tango in Whitby

Last Tango in Whitby
Written by Mike Harding
Directed by Philip Vander Gucht
11 – 16 November 1996

For Pat, recently widowed, this year’s charabanc trip to Whitby is tinged with sadness, but she is determined to enjoy herself. Phil and Edna provide entertainment with old-time dancing. Phil, too, is trying to enjoy himself, despite being trapped in a dead marriage, and during their first dance together he and Pat feel the unexpected spark of mutual attraction. Despite disapproval from others, they decide to seize this second chance and start a new life together.


Pat – Audrey Christianson
Phil – Brian Roberts
Edna – Pat Thornhill
Kathleen – Batty Bailey
Jessie – Margaret Penny
Maureen – Dot Hamlin
Henry – Roger Butler
Jimmy – Colin Bailey
Joan – Pauline Ellard
George – Eric White


Choreography – Linda Jeffries
Piano – Clive Gavin
Prompt – Betty Willard
Lighting – Ian Humphries
Set Builders – Eric, Len, Graeme, Bill, Jack, Dave, Elsie, Judith
Props – Hilary Medhurst, Jenny Brookes
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall