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Let Sleeping Wives Lie

Let Sleeping Wives Lie
Written by Harold Brooke and Kay Bannerman
Directed by Tom Roberts
7 – 10 October 1970

A tangle about substitute marital partners when a man and a woman are trying to impress their American boss during a “job test” weekend at a Brighton hotel, is in the fast and furious tradition of farce, with plenty of invention, not startling but usually effective, and a rapidly changing series of impossible situations that come across with a crazy plausibility in the midst of the turmoil.


Mervyn – Martin Wood
Mavis – Ainslie Pennell
Dudley – Frederick Edwards
Mr Gudgeon – Peter Paul
Willie – Colin Bailey
Muriel – Mavis Dunphy
Wymark – John Saveall
Liz – Margaret Laurence
Jack – Michael Hughes
Jason – Alan Lord


Stage Manager – Len Huntley
Deputy Stage Manager – John Larking
Assistant Stage Manager – Christine Giles
Properties – Anne Larking, Janice Wood
Lighting – John Roberts
Sound – Bill Brookes
Set Construction – Guild Workshop