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Listen to the Wind

Listen to the Wind
Written by Angela Ainley Jeans
Music and Lyrics by Vivian Ellis
Directed by Mavis Dunphy
1 – 6 April 1991

First presented in London’s West End in the 1950s, this musical play for children includes delights such as a magical music box, mermaids and Christmas.


Emma – Vicky Mummery
Miss Lush – Polly Owen
Jeremy – Carlie Carnell
Harriet – Helen Carter
Grandmother – Marion Ellis
Pearson – Peter Griffin
Gypsy Woman – Carole Bramall
Gypsy Man – Keith Jarman
Bannister – Tracey Mummery
The Gale Bird – David Maun
King North Wind – Roger Butler
Queen South Wind – Carol Butler
Prince East Wind – Sarah Jennings
Princess West Wind – Helen West
Moonbeam – Nichola Butler
Sunshine – Emma Hudson
Miranda, the sea witch – Clare Daniels
Black Thunder Cloud – Keith Jarman
1st Lightning – Mark Potter
2nd Lightning – Tom Bramall

Maids, Breezes, Tides and Gypsy children: Tracey Butler, Emma Jeffries, Rachel Ryan, Michelle Chapman, Lisa Lewer, Carly Shaw, Hannah Frosdick, Vicky Newton, Nina Sitch, Sarah Hemsley, Emma Pearce, Marie Tillman, Anna Hopwood, Katy Pearce, Gareth Hunt, Ian Preddy


Choreography – Stella Jarman
Musical Director – Andrew Parmley
Stage Manager – Ian Macdonald
Lighting – Alan Hunt
Sound – Brian Rumble
Properties – Pat Vale, Helen Hicks, Caroline Hayes
Set Design – Keith Jarman
Set Built – Keith Jarman, Polly Owen, “The Few”
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Rehearsal Pianist – Ann Yemyint

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