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Liza of Lambeth

Liza of Lambeth
Based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham
Book and lyrics by Berny Stringle and William Rushton
Music by Cliff Adams
Directed by Michael Driver
20 -25 June 1977

Adapted from Somerset Maughan’s first novel, this musical is a portrait of Liza herself and paints a picture of Lambeth life at the turn of the 19th century with Victorian Musical songs both humorous and heart wrenching. Albert Hodge is the father of the street, who spent some time fighting the Zulus and goes on about Gordon Highlanders and how savage they were. Liza hasn’t got a father, so Albert keeps a watchful eye on her, as she and her mother live in two rooms in his house. Alfred Downes, who lives next door, is from ‘the North’ and has been living in Lambeth for 23 years, but he still insists that he only came down for the day.


Rosie Cohen – Christine Jarman
Polly Avery – Jill Alexander
Mrs Dolly Hawkins – Marion Ellis
Mrs Nellie Webster – Mavis Dunphy
Mrs Lil Downes – Betty Bailey
Mrs Violet Hodge – Margaret Laurence
Mrs Florence Adair – Audrey Christianson
Tommy Pratt – Alan Clarke
Mrs Selina Kemp – Margaret Baird
Harry Adair – John Marchant
Mr Albert Hodge – Louis Cox
Mr Alfred Downes – John Wharton
Arthur Smith – Neal Jarman
Billy Williams – Colin Bailey
Liza Kemp – Annette Marchant
Sally Hodge – Jean Poole
Tilly Bastick – Molly Pritchard
Connie Harris – Valerie Birmingham
Charlie Hawkins – Vic Watson
Jim Blakeston – John Coward
Kate Blakeston – Betty Willard
Manny Mallerman – Ted Howard
Fingers Phillips – Keith Jarman
Osric Bensoon – Reg Higley
Archibald Lupino – Ted Howard
Maudie Metz – Mavis Dunphy
Dr Ashenden – Philip Langridge


Piano – Roger Harris
Woodwind 1 – John Collier
Woodwind 2 – Roy Carter
Double Bass – Fritz Howman
Trumpet – Michael Pascoe
Trombone – Richard Walker
Drums – Michael Howard
Musical Director – Jennifer Anderson


Set Design/Stage Manager – Len Huntley
Dance Arrangements – Stella Jarman
Lighting – Mike Auvray, Peter Bennett
Additional Lighting – Bennett Orwell Group
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts
Curtains – Rex Howard