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Look Back In Anger

Look Back In Anger
Written by John Osborne
Directed by Walter Cornforth
April 1959

Jimmy Porter, frustrated and bitter in his drab flat, lives with middle-class wife Alison. Also sharing the flat is Cliff who keeps things tenuously together. Alison’s friend Helen arrives and persuades her to leave Jimmy only to fall for him herself. When Alison becomes pregnant Helen leaves them together. This play originally opened at the Royal Court Theatre in 1956 and has since proved to be a milestone in the history of theatre.


Jimmy Porter – Robert Pettyfer
Cliff Lewis – Robert D. Orwell
Alison Porter – Alma Kidd
Helena Charles – Wendy Binns
Colonel Redfern – Michael Ryall


Stage Manager – John Monk
Stage Assistants – Louis Cox, Patricia de Dulin
Properties – Jennifer Aslett, Joan March
Set Design – Denis Osborne
Special Effects – Eric Ewens
Lighting – Gordon Lawrence
Wig – ‘Bert’