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Love for Love

Love for Love
Written by Mr Congreve
Directed by Mrs Dunphy
4 – 7 June 1969

A restoration comedy first acted at the Theatre in Little Lincoln’s Inn Fields by His Majesty’s Servants in 1695.


Sir Sampson Legend – Mr Prestage
Valentine – Mr Driver
Scandal – Mr Janes
Tattle – Mr Roberts
Ben – Mr Leggett
Foresight – Mr Baird
Jeremy – Mr Dunphy
Trapland – Mr Saveall
Buckram – Mr Crichton
Angelica – Mrs Vann
Mrs Foresight – Miss Willard
Mrs Trail – Mrs Sackman
Miss Prue – Miss Hegarty
Nurse – Mrs Palmer
Jenny – Miss Rutherford

Officers, Sailors and Servants – Mr Appelt, Mr Dewsall, Mr Farrell, Mr Gee, Mr Jarman


Stage Manager – Mrs Fryatt
Assistant Stage Manager – Mrs Young
Properties – Mrs Larking, Miss Schanbacher – Miss Staple
Lighting – Mrs Hollingsworth
Sound – Mr Lawrence
Costumes – Mrs Robarts
Wigs – Nathan Wigs
Set Construction – Guild Workshop