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Making Waves

Making Waves
Written by Stephen Clark
Produced and directed by Pamela and Graham Horner
13 – 18 March 2006

Mike, father of the Tanner family, is the coxswain of the Teesmouth Lifeboat. The demands of his job take priority over the needs of his family. But he’s a hero. What can they do? Lyricist and playwright Stephen Clark has constructed a tense family drama from the brave men who go to sea to save others but whose families must bear the consequences.


Ruth Tanner – Janet Pearce
Mike Tanner – John Hyde
Sam Tanner – Matt Hawes
Luke Tanner – Matt Kellett
Jo Tanner – Amy Waters
Helen – Elizabeth Vile
D.J. Sall the Gal – Polly Owen


Stage Manager – Judith Brace
Set Design – Judith Brace, Graeme Horner
Set Construction – John Brace, Frank Andrews and some of their friends
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Lighting – Mike Auvray
Sound – Nikki Hudson, Karen Goldberg
Properties – Joanna Lovell, May Lynn, Jennifer Lovell
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Choreography – Graham Peters