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Move Over Mrs Markham

Move Over Mrs Markham
Written by Ray Cooney and John Chapman
Directed by Mike Rand
4 – 9 September 1989

Staged as part of a half season commemorating the Playhouse’s 40 year anniversary.

Publisher Philip Markham is asked by his business partner, Henry, if he can borrow the flat for the evening to entertain his latest girlfriend. As Philip and his wife will be out, he reluctantly agrees. But at the same time, Joanna Markham is being persuaded by Linda Lodge to let her borrow the empty flat in order to entertain her lover,
And what nobody knows is that their interior designer has decided that this is the night that he and the au pair girl will try out the new oval bed …


Joanna Markham – Shelley Nottage
Alistair Spenlow – Martin Howe
Sylvie – Jane Ghost
Linda Lodge – Christine Angell
Philip Markham – Peter Richardson
Henry Lodge – Colin Bailey
Walter Pangbourne – Brian Roberts
Olive Harriet Smythe – Betty Bailey
Miss Wilkinson – Alison Salway


Stage Managers – Bill Brooke and Len Huntley
Assistant Stage Manager – Jeannie McCullough
Lighting – Natalie Crane and Tom Bramall
Properties – Denise Brown
Sound – Tom Bramall
Set Built – The Theatre Workshop
Costumes – Christine Angell
Assistant Director – Polly Owen