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Murder in Mind

Murder in Mind
Written by Terence Feely
Directed by John McLaren
27 September – 2 October 2010

When Mary, an international art dealer, arrives home after the unpleasant experience of an airplane on which she hoped to fly to America catching fire, she has the further shock of finding her house occupied by three “strangers” claiming to be her husband, cousin and sister. Even more mysterious is the fact that they seem aware of details of her family life which could only have been known to her most intimate circle. In fact, they even apparently convince a highly suspicious Detective Sergeant. The nightmare situation becomes more and more complicated, including the sudden appearance of a murdered man, until, with the arrival of Chief Inspector Gale, a series of ingenious twists brings an eventful evening, for all concerned, to a surprising close. A success in London’s West End.


Mary – Eileen Warner
Jack – Roger Butler
Peter – Mark Jamieson
Stella – Judith Brace
Robbins – Ed Andrews
Noel – Richard Self
Gale – John Hyde
George – Toby Wolfblatte


Stage Manager – Scott Godfrey
Set Build – Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries, Frank Andrews
Continuity – Maggie Baird
Sound – Rowland White
Lighting – Wendi Freeman
Scenic Art – Emma and Charlotte Constant, Polly Owen
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer and Carole Bramall
Set Dressing and Properties – Emma and Charlotte Constant
Foyer Display – Emma Constant, Scott Godfrey