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My Friend Miss Flint

My Friend Miss Flint
Written by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham
Directed by Alan Hunt
4 – 9 March 1985

When Tom Lambert, botanist and TV gardening personality, receives a call from Inland Revenue enquiring about his public relations consultant Joanna Flint, he can honestly say he has never heard of her. By lunchtime, he knows all about Miss Flint: his accountant and ex wife confesses that she invented Miss Flint as a tax dodge. This tricky situation sets the stage for sparkling comedy.


Tom Lambert – Colin Bailey
Lucy – Claire Kingshott
Albert – Phillip Pearce
Sarah – Eileen Thatcher
Mr Dodds – Eric Crichton
C.P. Lens – Pauline Ellard


Stage Manager – David Tallowin
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Willard
Properties – Molly Pritchard, Sheila Grizzell, Sylvia Foster
Lighting – Ian Macdonald
Sound – Annamarie Grant
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer

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