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Nightmare: The Fright of Your Life

Nightmare: The Fright of Your Life
Written by Roger S. Moss
Directed by Graham Frosdick
8 – 13 September 2008

Frank and Jenny Gilman think they have found their dream house: a converted chapel in a quiet country village. The dream soon turns into a nightmare, however, as they are attacked by intruders who seem, for some reason, to be interested only in the contents of the deep freeze. Frank and Jenny investigate and the true horror of their situation soon emerges in this taut and exciting, yet often blackly hilarious, horror thriller.


Miss Peterson – Clare Vishdale
Jenny Gilman – Sara Nichols
Frank Gilman – James Turner
Mr Harvey – Wayne Voshart
Jacqui Henderson – Rachel De Silva
Mr Watson – Tony Bate


Prompt – Pauline Fielder
Stage Manager – Frank Andrews
Set Design – Colin Burring and Graham Frosdick
Crew and Set Painting – Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries, Peter Richardson, Graham Peters, Christine Angell, Diane Frosdick, Sue Newman
Props – Diane Frosdick and Sue Newman
Sound Recording and Operating – Ken Swan (with thanks to Andy Hall)
Lighting – Mike Auvray
Costumes – Carole Bramall