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No Sex Please, We’re British

No Sex Please, We’re British
Written by Anthony Marriott and Alastair Foot
Directed by Eric Crichton
16 – 21 February 2004

This riotous comic farce notched up a staggeringly successful sixteen-year run in the West End. Peter and Frances could reasonably expect to look forward to a calm, happy start to their married life together. Owing to an unfortunate mistake, however, they find themselves inundated with pornographic material from the “Scandinavian Import Company”. Senior bank officials, Peter’s snobbish mother, and a prim, respectable bank cashier become inextricably entangled in the rumbustious even’s that follow.


Peter Hunter – Matt Arnold
Frances Hunter – Samantha Langford
Eleanor Hunter – Janet Pearce
Brian Runnicles – Mark Woodham
Leslie Bromhead – John Hyde
Superintendant Paul – Eric Mackenzie
Mr Needham – Roger Hodge
Susan – Emma Holland
Barbara – Emma Stewart
Delivery Man – BRS


Stage Manager – Len Huntley
Continuity – Margaret Penny
Set Design – Len Huntley
Set Construction – Len Huntley, Bill Brookes, Tony Bate, Dave Birmingham, Ian Sharpe, Eric Crichton and others
Properties – Molly Graham, Emma Stewart, Eric White
Sound – Bill Brookes
Sound Recordings – Keith Jarman
Lights – Wendi Freeman, Alan Hunt, Pam Hunt
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer
Wigs – Christine Angell
Production Display – Julia Crichton