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Old Time Music Hall (1968)

Old Time Music Hall
Devised and Produced by Pat Watson
1 – 8 June and 13 – 15 June 1968

Artistes: Betty Bailey, Margaret Baird, Effie Castleton, Audrey Christianson, Kathy Clark, Mavis Dunphy, Betty Gray, Janice Howe, Stella Kirby, Margaret Laurence, Annette Marchant, Yvonne Morris, Margaret Oliver, Shirley Osborne, Ann Robarts, Doreen Sackman, Harold Bull, Phil Carter, Louis Cox, Mick Driver, Harry Dunphy, Richard Gee, Bill Harris, Mick Hughes, Barry Hullett, Gordon Lawrence, John Marchant, Robert Pettyfer, T.Hadley Prestage, Mike Rand, Harry Randall and Tony Stebbing.

Guest Artiste – Joan Ewens

Musicians: David Dunn, Ian Reynolds, Fred Clark, Walter Shipway, Francis Christou and John Oram.


Stage Manager – Denis Osborne
Assistant Stage Manager – Michael Fryatt
Lighting Direction – Peter Bennett
Properties – Sylvia Foster, Sheila Fryatt
Wardrobe Mistress – Joan Robarts
Additional Lighting Equipment – The Bennett Orwell Group
One-Man-Band – Boosey & Hawkes Ltd
Additional Costumes – M Berman Ltd
Additional Tabs – Rex Howard
Fans – A. Robinson and Sons
Army Equipment – Sams of Woolwich

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