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One for the Pot

One for the Pot
Written by Ray Cooney and Tony Hilton
Directed by Keith Reynolds
9 – 16 September 1967

One would imagine that it’s not difficult to give £10,000 to the son of your deceased best friend. The problem for Mr. Hardcastle is that he didn’t know his best friend had four sons – and that they were identical quadruplets! And he didn’t expect all four (now grown up) to arrive on his doorstep at the same time, claiming the money.


Amy Hardcastle – Daisy May Mulcahy
Cynthia Hardcastle – Valerie Cope
Jugg – Barry Hullett
Jonathan Hardcastle – Clive Tanner
Jennifer Bowater-Smith – Pamela Hutchins
Stanley Bowater-Smith – Gerald Lewin
Clifton Weaver – Richard Gee
Arnold Piper – Malcolm Harland
Charlie Barnet – Tony Bate
Hickory Wood – Louis Cox
Winnie – Carol Mickelborough

With Gerald Lewin, Mike Hughes and Peter Elsmore


Stage Managers – Keith Jarman and Martin Woods
Assistant Stage Managers – Pamela Hutchins and Maureen Norris
Properties – Janice Howe and Elsie Colman
Lighting – Vivian Grainger
Sound – Bill Brookes
Construction – Guild Workshop
Wigs – Nathan Wigs
Additional Costumes – M. Berman Ltd