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Our Country’s Good

Our Country’s Good
Written by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by Barry Hooper
17 – 22 March 2003

Set in Botany Bay in 1789, this play tells of the rehearsals for the first play to be performed in Australia. Surrounded by forbidding conditions, Lieutenant Clark attempts, under the authority of the first Governor General, to bring culture to the penal colony through a production of Farquhar’s “The Recruiting Officer”, with a motley bunch of villains, murderers and prostitutes.


RN = Royal Navy
MR = Marine Regiment

Captain Arthur Phillip, RN – John Hyde
Major Robbie Ross, MR – Keith Jarman
Captain David Collins, MR – John McLaren
Captain Watkin Tench, MR – Michael Bate
Captain Jemmy Campbell, MR – John Summers
Reverend Johnson – Christine Angell
Lieutenant George Johnston, MR – Emma Stewart
Lieutenant Will Dawes, MR – Ros Betts
Second Lieutenant Ralph Clarke, MR – David Maun
Second Lieutenant Willian Faddy, MR – Alex Hanson
Midshipman Harry Brewer, RN – John Summers

John Arscott – John Summers
John Caesar – John McLaren
Ketch Freeman – Keith Jarman
Robert Sideway – John Hyde
John Wisehammer – Michael Bate
Mary Brenham – Emma Stewart
Dabby Bryant – Ros Betts
Liz Morden – Christine Angell
Duckling Smith – Alex Hanson
Meg Long – Christine Angell