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Pardon Me, Prime Minister

Pardon Me, Prime Minister
Written by Edward Taylor and John Graham
Directed by Bill Fielder
12 – 17 May 1980

The Prime Minister and Chancellor are preparing a puritanical budget, taxing amusements such as bingo, gambling and night-clubs out of existence. On the afternoon before its presentation, however, each in turn appears to be the father of the pretty Shirley, the result of a post-party conference night many years ago. In an even less expected family bombshell, it transpires that the Prime Minister’s deferential Parliamentary Private Secretary, Campbell, is, in fact, his son…


The Rt.Hon. George Venables, M.P – Mike Rand
Rodney Campbell – Graham Dunn
The Rt. Hon. Hector Cramond, M.P – Peter Richardson
Miss Frobisher – Jeannie McCullough
Sybil Venables – Pam Hammond
Shirley Springer – Sue Williams
Jane Rotherbrook – Julie Dunn
Dora Springer – Christine Jarman
A Man – William Thomas


Stage Manager – Elizabeth Hunt
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Fielder
Properties – Claire Kingshott, Marilyn Smart, Sue Rocke, Kim Daniels
Lighting – Dennis Kingshott
Sound – Martin Wood