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Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots
Written by Mike Rand
Produced and directed by Emma Stewart and Jenny Tallowin Snee
29 December 2007 – 12 January 2008

This year’s pantomime was one of a number written by talented actor and director, the late Mike Rand.


Jack – Nicola Milner
Jill – Katy Pearce
Nellie – Tony Bate
Fairy Naff – Polly Owen
Jon Snide – Roger Butler
Don Snide – David Maun
Puss in Boots (Athos) – Jacqui Rand
Porthos – Aysev Ismail
Corfu – Jenny Brookes
Hoody – Mark Campbell
Jesse – Steve Padgham

The Girls and Boys: Cathy Dadds, Hannah Denyer, Kirsty Duncombe, Danny Eycott, Lucy Larner, Kelly Randall, Henry Roast

Nellie’s Glamorous Assistants: Emma Constant, Lauren Bulling, Amy Waters


Choreographer – Dani Elisak
Musical Director – Andy Hall
Keyboards – Andy Hall
Bass – Graham Durrant
Stage Managers – Steve Lovell and Dave Tallowin
Set design and paint co-ordinator – Rob
Set construction, painting and scene changes – The Stray Cats
Lighting Design – Alan and Pam Hunt
Lighting operators – Mike Auvray with Edward Andrews and Michael Cooper
Properties – Carolynn Birmingham and her team
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall and Marjorie Sawyer with Molly Graham, Yvonne Pearl and Shirley Tallowin
Continuity – Marie Hawes and Edna Rand
Catering – Jan Pearce
Programme design – Megan Plank