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Rock-A-Bye Sailor

Rock-A-Bye Sailor
Written by Philip King and Falkland Carey
Directed by Keith Jarman
24 – 29 September 1990

Revolves around the christening of Able-Bodied Seaman Alfred and Shirley Tufnell’s child and the ensuing mayhem.


Edie Hornett – Pauline Ellard
Emma Hornett – Margaret Penny
Henry Hornett – Ian Giles
Mrs Florrie Lack – Daisy May Mulcahy
Albert Tufnell, A.B. – David Maun
Shirley Tufnell – Polly Owen
Daphne Bligh – Shelley Nottage
Carnoustie Bligh – Vernon Leese
Robin Stebbington – Graham Peters


Stage Manager – Graham Frosdick
Prompt – Eileen Young
Lighting – Ian Macdonald
Sound – John Midlane Jnr
Properties – Carole Bramall, Mollie Watts and Bill Watts
Set Design – Theo Thersms
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer

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