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Round and Round the Garden

Round and Round the Garden
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by John McLaren
9 – 14 June 2003

In this play, Sarah’s desperate attempts to have a nice, civilized weekend culminate, not surprisingly, in disaster. Ruth, Norman’s wife, is summoned, but Norman still contrives to cause havoc involving all three women. Matters are not helped by such events as the slow thinking Tom mistaking Ruth’s intentions during a conversation they have together. Eventually the horrific weekend draws to a close and the four visitors depart, but even at the last moment Norman manages, deliberately or not, to wreck all plans by driving his car into Reg’s. Back they all troop, now facing having to stay. Norman finds himself spurned by all three women and is left protesting with injured innocence that he only meant to make everyone happy.


Tom – Michael Angell
Annie – Christine Mabbott
Norman – Eric Whiting
Reg – Tony Bate
Sarah – Shelley Peters
Ruth – Paula Williams


Stage Manager – Roger Hodge
Set Design – Roger Hodge
Set Construction – Roger Hodge, Roger Butler, Len Huntley, John Sinclair, Eric White
Scenic Artist – Bill Chitty
Lighting – Colin Goldberg, Wendi Freeman, Sue Biggs
Sound – Bill McCann
Continuity – Eleanor McEnery
Properties and Set Dressing – Elsie Bate, Carolynn Birmingham, Hilda Humphreys
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carol Bramall
Research Consultant and Front of House Display – Samantha Langford
Rehearsal Photographs – Christine Angell