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Sailor Beware

Sailor Beware
Written by Philip King and Falkland Cary
Directed by Keith Jarman
28 September – 3 October 1987

Beware of mother-in-laws, especially one like Emma Hornett. A.B. Albert Tufnel is anxious that his fiancée, Shirley, should not take after her mother, Emma. Albert is also disturbed to find that Shirley has weakly acquiesced to living only three doors away from her mother. Albert’s only defence is not to turn up at church. Later he makes peace with Shirley and the wedding is on again.


Edie Hornett – Pauline Ellard
Emma Hornett – Eileen Hullett
Mrs Lack – Elsie Bste
Henry Hornett – Brian Roberts
Albert Tufnell A.B. – David Maun
Carnoustie Bligh A.B. – Vernon Leese
Daphne Pink – Shelley Nottage
Shirley Hornett – Polly Owen
The Reverend Oliver Purefoy – Keith Jarman


Stage Management and Design – Mike Angell
Assistant Stage Manager – Eileen Young
Decor – Christine Angell
Props – Pat Vale, Jacky Maun, Carole Bramall
Set Construction – The ‘B Team
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer
Lighting – Paul Baker
Sound – Christine Angell

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