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Saloon Bar

Saloon Bar
Written Frank Harvey
Directed by George Ayers

Thriller. An amateur detective tries to clear an innocent man of a crime before the date of his execution.


Hoskins – Harold Griffin
Ivy – Marjorie Cooper
Fred – Eric Rosendale
Wickers – Harry Clayton
Joe Harris – Harry Randall
Nora – Kar Starkey
Jim – Bert Green
Sally Watson – Rene Douglass
Peter – Stanley Slade
Jean – Dena Laing
Queenie – Evelyn Butterwick
George – Denis Cash
Doris – Laurie Lawrence
Evangelist – Cyril Houghton
Four Mayfairites – Denis Cash, Margaret Stuteley, Arthur Young, Esme Ryan
Bains – Alan Cleary
Fred Small – William Conway
A Strange Customer – Stanley Slade
A Waitress – Dena Laing
A Policeman – Alan Cleary


Stage Manager – Alec Douglass
Scenery – Capes of Chiswick
Wigs – Nathanwigs