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Shock Tactics

Shock Tactics
Written by John Dole
Directed by Eve Prestage
24 – 27 November 1965

The leading character is Fred, a home-built computer. Fred is not so much programmed as perverse, but is given to uttering loud and embarrassing remarks at inopportune moments. He all but ruins the courtship of his owner’s daughter, Mary, by predicting she will marry a man with red hair and spectacles, a specification her fiance, Peter, doesn’t happen to fit. Fred does, however, have his uses. He is able to forecast the weather with complete accuracy. News of this reaches the Met. Office, who send a spy down in the person of Albert Shorter, the assistant in charge of ‘Mist and Drizzle’, who poses as a believer in the occult and infiltrates the Shaw household. But Albert isn’t the only one interested in Fred. Uncle Ben is trying to find out if Fred can predict the winner of the 3.30.


Mrs Trudge – Eileen Hullett
Peter Puller – Colin Bailey
Fred – Pat Dole
Aunt Esther – Betty Cottee
Mary Shaw – Margaret Robinson
George Shaw – Frank Poole
Marjorie Shaw – Audrey Christianson
Albert Shorter – Chris Crooks
Poppy Blossom – Jeanne Millett
Uncle Ben – Eric Cornish
Taximan – Neil Jarman


Stage Managers – Keith Jarman and Tony Bate
Assistant Stage Manager – Joan March
Lighting & Electronics – Michael Ilieve
Properties – Diane Bailey, Framkie Jarvis, Linda Tadman, Jane Shaw and Angela Parris
Sound Effects – Cliff Bartlett
Wigs – Nathanwigs
Costumes – Sally Spruce
Additional Lighting – Bennett-Orwell Group