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Babes in the Wood

Written by Mike Rand
Produced and directed by Phillip and Jan Pearce

Join with us and revel in the fun of rescuing the babes in the forest of Sherwood. Meet the characters of legend and enjoy the fine family entertainment for children of all ages.


Friar Tuck – Dave Witham
Friar Negg – Tom Hopkins
Mistress Quickly – Phill Pain
Robin Hood – Jenny Tallowin-Snee
Lady Marian – Charlotte Nightingale
Sheriff of Nottingham – Gary Nightingale
The Babes/Janet and John – Emily Humphreys, Robert Humphreys, Calleigh Percival, Henry Snee, Lily Rose White, Theo Christodoulou
Patricia O’Dors – Polly Owen
Sybil – Nicola Hunt

The In-Laws – Katie Cavanagh, Hayley Clark, Hannah Denyer, Nicola Guenigault, Kelly Randall, Kate Richardson
The Out-Laws – Jack Ball, Gareth Hunt, Dean Sohn, Josh Stiggear, David Tode


Musical Director/Keyboards – Sarah Campbell
Percussion – Andy Smith
Guitar – Ian Broughton
Bass – Dave Horton


Stage Manager – Phillip Pearce
Assistant Stage Managers – Graham Peters, Michael Angell
Prompts – Shelley Peters, Jane Cavanagh
Set Designs – Phillip Pearce
Sets Built and Crewed by – Graham Peters, Michael Angell, Albert Tilbury, Barry Facer, Karen Davies, Ian Macdonald, Alex Macdonald, Dave Tallowin, Alec Keleher, Mike Whitnall, Graham Frosdick
Scenic Artist – Christine Angell
Scenic Painters – Christine Angell, Polly Owen, Janet Pearce, Charlotte Frampton, Michael Angell, Phillip Pearce
Dance Captain – Nicola Hunt
Costumes – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer
Lighting Design – Andy Woolliscroft, Ian Humphreys
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft, Ian Humphreys, Adam Davies, Alec Keleher
Additional Lighting Equipment – Bennett Orwell Group
Sound – Steve Nash
Properties – Wendi Freeman, Jenny Brookes, Emma Hopkins
Chaperones – Jenny Brookes, Carole Bramall, Jessica Christodoulou, Nicky Humphreys, Terri McCann, Suzanne Whitnall

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