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Private Peaceful

Directed by Christine Angell
Adapted for the stage by Simon Reade from the book “Private Peaceful” by Michael Morpurgo

This play has a large cast and is full of rich, rounded characters, all playing an important and significant part in the brothers’ lives.  Whilst Tommo spends time remembering how things used to be, it is another moment closer to an event which will change his life forever.

The play is a classic ‘rites of passage’ story of two brothers, Thomas ‘Tommo’ Peaceful and Charlie Peaceful.  It tells of their youthful exuberance and their teenage love for the same girl, Molly.  The young men of the village join the Army in the midst of World War 1,  to escape the rural life with its lack of opportunity, and move on to experience the horrors and folly of war. This is also a story about the friendship between the two brothers and the undying bond of trust between soldiers in the trenches.

The feature film of the same name was released in 2012, based on the novel Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse.


Tommo – Daniel O’Brien
Charlie – Matthew Ferry
Big Jo – Alex Macdonald
Mrs Peaceful – Suzannah Churchill
Mr Peaceful – Peter Vale
Molly – Nicola Guenigault
Molly’s Mother – Jane Ghost-Cavanagh
Mr Munnings – Graham Frosdick
Nipper – Jack Flegg
Pete – Michael Bate
Les – Sam Cavanagh
Jimmy Parsons – Elliot Nicholls
School Boy – Charlie Bolton
The Colonel – Martin Gilby


Stage Manager and Set Design – Michael Angell
Assistant Stage Manager and Prompt – Carol Butler
Props – Jenny W Brookes
Lighting Design – Ian Humphreys
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft
Sound Design and Operation – Ken Swan
Special Effects – Paul Andrews
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer and Carole Bramall
Chaperone – Jane Butler

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