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Stop! The Play

Written by David Spicer
Directed by Clive Madel
10 – 15 September 2018

Five neurotic actors, one stressed Stage Manager, a crazed director, an invisible playwright and an escaped monkey are desperately rehearsing the world’s worst play, which keeps being rewritten. And every rewrite is more hilariously terrible than the one before. And although It really shouldn’t, somehow, the show manages to go on.


Chrissie – Eileen Warner
Hugh – Mark Jamieson
Gemma – Louise Gerrard
Evelyn – Paul Grimshaw
Linda – Suzannah Churchill
Walter – Colin Bailey
Kriston – André Coulson


Director – Clive Madel
Stage Manager – Gary Constant
Properties – Susan Constant
Prompt – Betty Bailey
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft
Sound – Steve Nash
Costumes (Act Two) – Marjorie Sawyer

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