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Written by Jim Cartwright
Directed by Tina Roberts

Jim Cartwright’s “Two” takes us on a journey through the most intimate insights and fluctuations within couple dynamics. The secrets shared at the bar over a pint are captured in all their innocence, arrogance and transparency evoking a sublime pathos that grips the breath.


Landlady – Melinda Hunt
Landlord – Simon Eile
Moth, Roy, Fred – Michael Bate
Maudie, Alice, Boy – Charlotte Jacobs
Old Woman, Mrs Iger – Janet Pearce
Old Man, Mr Iger – Martin Gilby
Lesley, Woman – Eileen Warner


Stage Manager – Mike Whitnall
Set Design – Tina Roberts, Gary Constant
Set Build – Gary Constant, Albert Tilbury & team
Lighting – Andy Woolliscroft
Sound – Ryan Bulling, Ken Swan
Props – Christine Angell, Naomi Lee
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer
Prompt – Elsie Bate
Wigs – Christine Angell

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