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Sleeping Partnership

Sleeping Partnership
Written by Kenneth Horne
Directed by Bill Fielder
18 – 21 May 1960

When a car crash causes Jill and Stephen to suffer concussion and begin to share the same medieval dream, the consequences for the romantic relationships between sisters and their respective partners is dramatic but not entirely unwelcome.


Mark Graham – Robert Orwell
Phyllis Peabody – Diane Montague
Julian Peabody – Walter Cornforth
Doctor – Robert Lindley
Jill Peabody – Jennifer Wright
Stephen Clench – Louis Cox
Violet Watkins – Chips Oliver


Stage Manager – Bill Brookes
Assistant Stage Manager – Janet Hawtin
Set Design – Louis Cox
Properties – Sandra Shorney, Barbara Wood
Lighting – Roy Wood
Sound – Eric Ewens
Musical Introduction – Joan Ewens, Leslie Mackay