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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Written and Directed by Roger Butler
2 – 16 January 2010

Classic Erith panto fun for all the family.


Duke – Phil Pearce
Queen Vanity – Jenny Tallowin-Snee
Prince Hero (Duke’s Nephew) – Jacqui Fenton
Widow Swanky – Tony Bate
Snow White (Widow’s Niece) – Nicky Bate
MP (Magpie) – John McLaren
Robina – Kelly Randall
Snoozy – Lilly Robus/Poppy Bridle/Maisie Springall/Frank Andrews
Tishue – Megan Manchester/Emily Crowhurst/Alana Dudley/Ian Giles
Groucy – Emma White/Josephine Fenton/Georgia Ellis/Graham Frosdick
Dozey – Jessica May/Evangeline Hawes/April Fisher/Scott Godfrey
Smiley – Zara Jeffrey/Eleanor Tallowin-Snee/Taylor Ellis/Matt Clowry
Prof – Ella Warren/Samantha Weeks/Tyler Love/Jack Ball
Blushy – Bethany Stevens/Ellie Butcher/Skye Sweeting/Michael Angell
Boys and Girls: Emma Constant, Charlotte Constant, Lauren Bulling, Lucy Larner, Nicola Milner, Kirsty Duncombe, Jennifer Lovell, James Riley and Daniel Fairbrass


Musical Director – Andy Hall
Bass Guitar – Graham Durrant
Set Design and Stage Manager – Graeme Horner
Choreography – Michelle Pearl, Danielle Elisak
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer and Carole Bramall
Lighting – Peter Bennett, Mike Auvray and “Spot Team”
Props – Carolynn Birmingham and Team
Chaperones – Elsie Bate, Jenny Brookes, Pamela Horner
Set built by – Graeme’s Xmas Workshop
Car built by – Paul Baker
Foyer Display – Christine Angell