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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Written and Directed by Roger Butler
3 – 17 January 1998

Classic Erith panto fun for children of all ages.

Queen Vanity – Christine Angell
Duke – Phillip Pearce
Prince Hero (Duke’s Nephew) – Jenny Tallowin
MP (Magpie) – Michael Bate
Robina – Nichola Butler
Widow Swanky – Tony Bate
Snow White – Fiona McGahren


Snoozy – Jade Barnes, Kay Desmond, Rhys Chambers, Phill Pain
Tishue – Nicola Milner, Louise Paton, Tara Griffin, Brian Roberts
Grouchy – Sally Richardson, Mark Saunders, Victoria Crowe, Graham Frosdick
Dozey – Martin Meehan, Paul Saunders, Clare Brunton, David Maun
Smiley – Katie Warren, Amy Frosdick, Talisia Quallo, Daley Chaston
Prof – Lisa Parker, Suzy Pearce, Leah Bilham, Graham Peters
Blushy – Eloise Porter, Emma Saunders, Stacey Uden, Michael Angell

Girls and Boys – Emma Holland, Jenny Brookes, Jaquelyn Rand, Debbie Cain, Anna Lane, Jenny McKiernan, Judith Brace, Emma Stewart, Neil Langley


Musical Director – Andrew Parmley
Drums – Malcolm Ball
Choreography – Linda Jeffries, Stella Jarman (Children)
Set Design – Graeme Horner
Stage Manager – Eric Crichton
ASMs – Shelley Peters, Marg Penny, Linda Jeffries
Set Built by – Eric’s Xmas Workshop
Lighting and Sound – Ian Humphreys, Richard Apsey
Properties – Bob Gritton, Michelle Furse, Patricia O’Brien, Tracey Butler
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall, Elizabeth Hunt