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Something to Hide

Something to Hide
Written by Leslie Sands
Directed by Graham Frosdick
5 – 10 December 1988

This most ingenious thriller concerns an author who finds that his wife (who is also his publisher) has run over his mistress in a car and killed her. They agree to dispose of the body and the rest of the play reveals the true relationship between husband and wife and how they have double-crossed each other at every turn. The true fate of the mistress is discovered in a surprise denouement, whilst the net around the couple is being very neatly tightened by a most convincing and refreshingly new type of detective.


Howard Holt – David Ellis
Julie – Alison Salway
Karen Holt – Christine Angell
Inspector Davies – Peter Richardson
Mr Purdie – Ray Watts
Stella – Teresa Losinski
Miss Cunningham – Betty Bailey


Set Design and Stage Management – Andy Birmingham, Dave Birmingham, Alex Baird, Roger Butler
Assistant Stage Manager – Eileen Hullett
Lighting – Brian Rumble and Ian Macdonald
Props – Sue Birmingham and Maggie Baird
Sound – Polly Owen with Tom Bramall and Bill Watts
Wardrobe – Carol Bramall