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Spring and Port Wine

Spring and Port Wine
Written by Bill Naughton
Directed by Harry Randall
29 April – 2 May 1970

Rafe Crompton is not a stern man but has such unswerving integrity that his family is forced to hide slight peccadilloes from him. His daughter, Hilda, particularly resents this and her refusal to eat a herring which is placed before her at dinner makes the’situation explosive. The family is almost broken up before Rafe is made to see the dangers in his attitude, and they are reunited in an atmosphere more progressive and tolerant.


Daisy Crompton – Sylvia Palmer
Florence Crompton – Christine Giles
Betsy Jane – Eileen Hullett
Wilfred Crompton – Neil Appelt
Harold Crompton – Tony Bate
Hilda Crompton – Melba Rutherford
Rafe Crompton – John Dole
Arthur – Louis Cox


Stage Manager – Peter Janes
Assistant Stage Manager – Elsie Bate
Properties – Stella Kirby, Pauline Wood, Sylvia Foster, Keith Jarman
Lighting – Neil Jarman and Andrew Wright
Sound – Eric Crichton