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Sugar (1986)

Book by Peter Stone
Based on the screenplay “Some Like it Hot” by Billy Wilder and I.A.L Diamond
Music by Jule Stern, Lyrics by Bob Merrill
Directed by Bill Fielder
7 – 12 July 1986

Two unemployed musicians, bass player Jerry and saxophone player Joe, witness the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago. In order to escape gangster Spats Palazzo and his henchmen, they dress as women and join Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopaters, an all-female band about to leave town for an engagement at a Miami Beach hotel.

Complications arise when Joe, now known as Josephine, falls in love with beautiful band singer Sugar Kane, who has a slight drinking problem that tends to interfere with her ability to choose a romantic partner wisely. More than anything, Sugar wants to marry a millionaire, prompting Joe to disguise himself as the man of her dreams.

Meanwhile, wealthy and elderly Osgood Fielding, Jr. is pursuing Daphne, unaware she really is Jerry in drag. As much as he knows he needs to reveal his true gender to his over-amorous paramour, Jerry is beginning to enjoy all the expensive gifts bestowed upon him on a regular basis.

Total chaos erupts when Spats and his gang descend upon the hotel and realise who Josephine and Daphne really are.


Sweet Sue – Margaret Penny
Sugar Kane – Jaqueline Annal
Bienstock – Ted Howard
Joe – Roger Butler
Jerry – Tony Bate
Musician’s Contractor – Martin Tripp
Spats Palazzo -Graham Peters
Dude – Vernon Leese
First Hood – Brian Roberts
Knuckles Norton – Graeme Horner
Second Hood – Martin Tripp
Reporter – David Higley
Cab Driver – Graeme Horner
Olga – Ruth Datson
Dolores – Linda Jeffries
Mary Lou – Polly Owen
Rosella – Janice Wood
Bell Boy – Martin Tripp
Sir Osgood Fielding – Peter Richardson

Dolls: Carol Butler, Ruth Datson, Jane Ghost, Linda Jeffries, Polly Owen, Tracey Rafferty, Lynn Ratcliff, Janice Wood, Rachael Roberts, Nichola Horner.

Guys: David Adams, David Higley, Vernon Leese, Kevin Lewis, Philip Pain, Graham Peters, Brian Roberts, Martin Tripp and Derek Wheeler.


Musical Director – Jennifer Anderson
Choreographer – Julie Burton
Set Design – Martin Howe
Artistic Design – Christine Giles
Stage Manager – Martin Howe
Set Construction – The “Chicago” Gang
Assistant Stage Manager – Ian Macdonald
Lighting – Michael Auvray, Dennis Kingshott, Peter Price
Sound – Lib Redleif
Properties – Sheila Grizzell, Molly Pritchard
Wardrobe – Andrea Hammond, Marjorie Sawyer