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The Admirable Crichton

The Admirable Crichton
Written by J.M. Barrie
Directed by Alan Hunt
13 – 18 June 1983

It is the Earl of Loam’s whim to invite his servants once a month to the drawing room where they are treated as social equals. His daughter and friends are forced to serve them much to the distaste of Crichton, the butler, who knows his place. He accompanies the Earl on a yachting party with the three daughters, an affected young man and a sporting parson, as well as the lady’s maid who is in love with Crichton. They are wrecked on a desert island and Crichton, at first imperceptibly, takes command and wins their devotion by his resourcefulness. The women vie for his favor. He chooses Lady Mary, no longer indolent, but intensely vital, for his wife. At this point a ship is seen in the offing and, with noble self abnegation, Crichton signals to her. Back in England, all revert to their former positions.


Crichton – Maurice Tripp
Hon. Ernest Woolley – Kevin Fraser
Lady Agatha Lasenby – Eileen Thatcher
Lady Catherine Lasenby – Stephanie Dungate
Lady Mary Lasenby – Claire Kingshott
Rev. John Treherne – Ian Macdonald
The Earl of Loam – John Midlane
Lord Brocklehurst – Graeme Horner
Mrs Perkins – Joyce Austin
Monsieur Fleury – Gary Smith
Mr Rolleston – Brian Richards
Mr Tompsett – Dennis Kingshott
Miss Fisher – Yvonne Elley
Miss Simmons – Jan Campbell
Mademoiselle Jeanne – Linda Miller
Eliza (“Tweeny”) – Jeannie McCullough
Stable Boy – Steven Burns
Kitchen Wench – Anna Pajak
Naval Officer – Andy Datson
Countess of Brocklehurst – Kathy Clark


Stage Manager – Andy Datson
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Willard
Properties – Joyce Austin, Linda Miller, Anna Pajak
Lighting – Peter Price
Sound – Gary Smith
Wardrobe – Elizabeth Hunt
Hair Styles – Heather and Trevor