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The Anastasia File

The Anastasia File
Written by Royce Ryton
Directed by Mike Rand
15 – 20 May 1995

Did the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II die with the rest of the imperial family in 1918? Or was she the girl found in an asylum in 1920? This brilliantly executed drama presents the case for and against “Mrs. Manahan” using only four actors who play Mrs. Manahan, a police inspector who later plays his own son, and an additional actor and actress who play between them thirty parts. Audiences are spellbound by this compelling play with a final surprising twist.


Mrs Manahan – Jean McCullough
Inspector – Graeme Horner
The Men – Tony Bate
The Women – Marilyn Macdonald


Stage Manager – Samantha Cove
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Fielder
Set Design – Mike Rand
Set Build – Samantha Cove, Bob Gritton, Eric White, Len Huntley, Bill Brookes
Lighting – Ian Macdonald
Props – Jaqui Rand
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall

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