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The Bandwagon

The Band Wagon
Written by Terence Frisby
Directed by John Hollingsworth
2 – 7 June 2015



Mrs Botterill – Margaret Baird
Mr Botterill – Harry Randall
Lorraine Roach – Christine Jarman
Bernard Roach – Keith Jarman
Leslie Botterill – John Masson
Autora Botterill – Jean Poole
Piers Cramp – Colin Bailey
Winifred Godd – Audrey Christianson
Roger Digby – Peter E. Morris
Cameraman – Ted Howard
Lighting Technician – Mike Auvray
Sound Technician – Alan Hunt
Floor Manager – Harry Dunphy
Director – Bill Harris
Interviewer – John Wharton
P.A. Girl – Sheila Fryatt
Keith Follett – David Foord-Divers
Photographer – Mike Auvray
Vicar – John Hollingsworth


Stage Managers – Bill Brookes and Len Huntley
Assistant Stage Manager – Dot Hamlin
Lighting – Alan Hunt and Mike Auvray
Sound – Andy Howe
Properties – Sheila Fryatt, Molly Pritchard, Hilary Medhurst
Set – Guild Workshop