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The Bed Before Yesterday

The Bed Before Yesterday
Written by Ben Travers
Directed by John Penn
23 – 28 May 2011

Alma is very rich, but she has reached middle age with little else. Twice married, her first and only sexual encounter has left her cold with the emotional outlook of a spinster. Now she is seeking companionship as avoid the chilly embrace of loneliness. She suggests a marriage of convenience to Victor, a mild mannered man down on his luck. Victor comes with one drawback; his ne’er do well son Aubrey. But Aubrey’s girlfriend, Ella, interests Alma. Ella is a down to earth person, especially in matters sexual, and she manages to convey to the curious Alma that sex can be pleasurable. So, in her candid and direct manner, Alma invites the baffled Victor to bed. The encounter exhausts him, but Alma emerges as a changed woman with an insatiable appetite for sex. Since Victor feels the best he can do is once a week, Alma takes off for the continent only to return a sadder but wiser woman.


Alma – Eileen Warner
Victor Keene – John Hart
Aubrey – Scott Godfrey
Mrs Holley – Suzanne Foster
Ella – Kirsty Duncombe
Lolly Tucker – Debbie Hoyle
Felix – Michael Angell
Fred Castle – Steve Padgham


Assistant Director – Angie Arnell
Set Design – Angela Arnell and Ken Swan
Set Build – Frank Andrews, Trevor Jeffries, Steve Lovell, Pat McNamee, Albert Tilbury, Mike Whitnall
Prompt – Carol Butler
Properties – Judith Brace, Cara Young, Tobi Soremekun
Lighting – Catherine Andrews
Lighting Design – Andy Wolliscroft
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer and Carole Bramall
Sound – Steve Nash
Front of House Photos – Fred Ruffell