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The Caretaker (1974)

The Caretaker
Written by Harold Pinter
Directed by Harry Randall
15 – 18 May 1974

Into his derelict household shrine Aston brings Davies, a tramp – but a tramp with pretensions, even if to the world he may be a pathetic old creature. All that is left of his past now is the existence in Sidcup of some papers, papers that will prove exactly who he is and enable him to start again. Aston, too, has his dreams; he has always been good with his hands and there is so much to do in the house. Aston’s hopes are tied to his flash brother Mick’s; he has aspirations to live in a luxurious apartment. Human nature is a great spoiler of plans, however…


Mick – Keith Reynolds
Aston – John Wharton
Davies – T.Hadley Prestage


Stage Manager – John Farrell
Assistant Stage Manager – A.N. Other
Lighting – Jean Bennett
Properties – Jennifer Farrell, Pat Howard
Set Construction – Guild Workshop