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The Devil at Midnight

The Devil at Midnight
Written by Brian Clemens
Directed by John Penn
4 – 9 December 2006

Liz Burns, a psychoanalyst, receives an unexpected visitor — Nicki, a troubled young woman who is visited in her dreams by a devil who carries her away to a lonely, terrifying old house. Liz sees immediately that her visitor is a victim of child abuse and, as the details of Nicki’s past life emerge, clues mount up that point to Liz’s husband Jack as the perpetrator. And Nicki is out for revenge…


Elizabeth Burns- Eileen Warner
Nicki White – Emma Stewart
Jack Burns – Nigel Taylor
Billy – James Turner
Voice of Janey – Angela Arnell
Voice of Clancy/Ian Morton – John Penn


Stage Manager – Frances Sinden
Set Construction – Ken Swan, Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries, Sarah Boyd, Mike Holland, Ian Giles
Continuity – Carol Butler
Set Design – Sarah Boyd
Lighting Design – Peter Bennett, Mike Auvray
Board Operator – Michael Cooper
Sound Design/Operator – Ken Swan
Props and Wardrobe – Angela Arnell
Production Advisor – Shelley Peters