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The Enquiry

The Enquiry
Written by Charlotte Hastings
Directed by Mavis Dunphy
17 – 21 November 1971

Kate, a prisoner sentenced for killing her very sick child, has been attacked and driven to attempt suicide. The prison authoritites discover that the attack was made by an inmate, Gow, who has a lesbian attachment to another prisoner, Valentine, and who is insanely jealous of Kate’s innocent friendship with Valentine. The investigations also reveal that Kate’s husband had killed the child and that Kate, herself innocent, is shielding the man she loves.


Kate Walmer – Stella Jarman
Probyn – Eileen Young
Collins – Molly Johnson
Frances Threadgold – Marion Ellis
Marcy – Audrey Christianson
Marian Oates – Gloria Markham
Laura Fenn – Betty Bailey
Janet Grahammd – Margaret Laurence
Gow – Christine Giles
Rev. John Shillitoe – Harry Dunphy
Valentine – Jean Poole
Tom Walmer – Keith Jarman


Stage Manager – Peter Leggett
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Wood
Lighting – Colin Lincoln assisted by Jane Francis and Vanessa Johnson
Sound – Phil Page
Properties – Janet Hawtin, Mary Schanbacker and Elizabeth Arneaud
Wigs – Nathanwigs