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The Fifteen Streets

The Fifteen Streets
Adapted by Rob Bettinson from the novel by Catherine Cookson
Directed by Christine Angell
25 – 30 September 2000

First stage adaptation of Britain’s best selling author, includes humour, intrigue, tragedy, and love. A powerful drama, set against the harsh and turbulent background of poverty and class distinction in Tyneside at the beginning of the last century. It tells the story of one family’s fight for physical and moral survival in the squalor of the dockyard slums of the Fifteen Streets.


Mary-Ellen O’Brien – Jean Franks
Shane O’Brien – Peter Gray
John O’Brien – Steve Hunt
Dominic O’Brien – David Oatley
Molly O’Brien – Emma Pearce
Mick O’Brien – Daley Chaston
Katie O’Brien – Suzy Pearce
Peter Bracken – Roger Butler
Christine Bracken – Emma Stewart
David Bracken – Martin Meehan
Hannah Kelly – Gaynor Fisher
Joe Kelly – Graham Frosdick
Nancy Kelly – Holly Jarman
Father O’Malley – Graham Frosdick
Father Bailey – Geoff Hawes
Bella Bradley – Janet Pearce
Peggy Flaherty – Andrea Kane
James Llewellyn – Geoff Hawes
Beatrice Llewellyn – Janet Pearce
Mary Llewellyn – Jenny Tallowin
Maid to the Llewellyn Household – Leah Bilham
Butler to the Llewellyn Household – Neil Langley
Doctor – Phillip Pearce

Other parts played by: Leah Bilham, Neil Langley, Lindsay Fraser, Dee Sargent
Children’s Gang Leaders – Dee Sargent and Lindsay Fraser
Their Gang – Vikki Crowe, Ria Chambers, Jeni Freeman, Ruth McClean, Kirby Mukeza, Rhys Chambers, Cozette Leese, Nicola Milner, Allana Mawson, Mikeane Wilcox


Stage Manager and Set Builders – Mick Holland, Colin Burring
Properties – Helen Rust, Jane Packham, Lorna Mackay
Lighting Designer – Peter Bennett
Sound – Graham King, Keith Jarman
Costumes – Carole Bramall, Peggy Smith and Marjorie Sawyer
Rehearsal Prompt – Katy Pearce, Margaret Penny