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The Flip Side

The Flip Side
Written by Hugh and Margaret Williams
Directed by Walter Cornforth
4 – 7 November 1970

Two couples are having drinks when one husband startles them by his declaration that love and sex are independent of each other. A little warily, they all cast secret ballots to discover if the theory is true, by swapping spouses. Next morning there is a realignment as each agrees that the new coupling is better. Later, at a reunion, the original spouses are reunited with love; the ultimate victor.


Sharon – Yvonne Hegarty
Candida – Jill Dodds
Theo – Maurice Tripp
Julian – John Hollingsworth


Stage Manager – John Farrell
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Bailey
Lighting – Cyril Lincoln, Colin Lincoln
Properties – Jennifer Farrell, Molly Pritchard, Christine Giles, Marylyn Palmer
Sound – Viviane Hollingsworth
Set Construction – Guild Workshop