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The Front Page

The Front Page
Written by Ben Hecht and Charles Macarthur
Directed Tom Ellis, assisted by Pauline Fielder
24 -29 April 1978

This comedy follows Hildy Johnson, an investigative reporter looking for a bigger paycheck. When an accused murderer escapes from custody, Hildy sees an opportunity for the story of a lifetime. But when he finds the criminal, he learns that the man may not be guilty. With the help of his editor, Hildy attempts to hide the convict, uncover the conspiracy and write the scoop of his career.


Wilson – Peter Paul
Endicott – John Wilsdon
Murphy – Colin Hill
McCue – David Foord-Divers
Schwartz – Tony Martin
Kruger – Keith Jarman
Bensinger – Colin Bailey
Mrs Schlosser – Christine Jarman
Woodenshoes Eichorn – John Coward
Diamond Louis – Peter Morris
Hildy Johnson – Tony Bate
Jennie – Kathy Clark
Molly Malloy – Eileen Hullett
Sheriff Hartman – John Wharton
Peggy Grant – Jacqueline Annal
Mrs Grant – Margaret Lawrence
The Mayor – Mike Rand
Mr Pincus – Alex Baird
Earl Williams – Clive Mundy
Walter Burns – Peter Richardson
Carl – Les Annal
Frank – James Smith
Policeman – Ted Howard


Set Design/Stage Manager – John Farrell
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Fielder
Properties – Hilary Medhurst, Marilyn Smart
Lighting – Len Huntley
Sound – Bill Brookes
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer
Set Construction – Guild Workshop