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The Ghost Train (1969)

The Ghost Train
Written by Arnold Ridley
Directed by Sylvia Palmer
29 October 1969 – 1 November 1969

Arnold Ridley’s classic drama was first produced in 1925 and filmed no less than three times. A very silly young man accidentally strands six passengers at a small Cornish wayside station. Despite the psychic stationmaster’s weird stories of a ghost train, they decide to stay the night in the waiting room. Soon they regret this decision as ghostly and not so ghostly apparitions materialize, before the young man reveals the true reason behind the night’s events.


Saul Hodgkin – Phil Carter
Richard Winthrop – Alex Baird
Elsie – Margaret Laurence
Charles Murdock – Peter Leggett
Peggy Murdock – June Janes
Miss Bourne – Kathy Clark
Teddy Deakin – Tom Roberts
Julia Price – Mavis Dunphy
Herbert Price – Eric Crichton
John Sterling – Alan Bowman
Jackson – Martin Wood
Smith – Peter Janes


Stage Manager – Len Huntley
Assistant Stage Manager – Christine Giles
Properties – Janet Hawtin and Sheila Fryatt
Lighting – Harry Dunphy
Sound – John Farrell
Wardrobe – Joan Roberts
Additional Costumes – Charles Fox Ltd