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The House of Bernada Alba

The House of Bernada Alba
Written by Federico Garcia Lorca
Directed by James Turner
16 – 21 April 2007

The greatest of modern Spanish tragedies is realistic and lyrical. Bernarda is a stern matriarch obsessed with family honour. Just widowed, she announces to her five daughters that they will enter a traditional 8 year period of cloistered mourning. Each daughter desires love but with the doors clamped shut, they silently turn to other pursuits. All except one, who manages to have a secret tryst with a scurrilous suitor who is betrothed to the eldest daughter. Discovery results in a tragic climax that is unrelenting in its severity and terror.


Servant/Mourner/Prudencia – Pauline Ellard
Poncia – Judith Brace
Maria Josefa/Beggar/Mourner – Eleanor McEnery
Bernada – Jean Franks
Angustius – Sarah Boyd
Adela – Jenny McKiernan
Martirio – Emma Stewart
Amelia – Rachel De Silva
Magdalena – Jacqui O’Connor
Mourners – Carolyn Magnus, Shirley Andrews


Stage Manager – Graeme Horner
Set Design – Graeme Horner
Set Construction – Graeme Horner, Steve Lovell, Roger Butler
Continuity – Margaret Baird
Lighting – Peter Bennett, Faron Culver
Sound – Keith Jarman
Props – Mavis Lynn, Carolyn Magnus
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall