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The Lark

The Lark
Written by Jean Anouilh
Translated by Christopher Fry
Directed by Mavis Dunphy
7 – 12 November 1977

To the great lords of her time as well as the politicians of the Church expediency was God. So the Maid had to die. So, to Warwick and Cauchon, her life has the ‘somewhat artificial, and certainly impersonal, quality of a play. Short scenes from it are played out during the trial as they struggle to turn her simplicity into heresy. But it is the glory of her life rather than the tragedy that is the triumphant climax of the play.


Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick – Derrik Johnson
Cauchon, Bishop of Beavais – John Wharton
Joan – Eileen Hullett
Her Mother – Dot Hamlin
Her Father – Harry Dunphy
Her Brother – David Hullett
The Promoter – Philip Fasham
The Inquisitor – Tom Ellis
Brother Ladvenu – Neil Jarman
Robert de Beaudricourt – Peter Richardson
Boudousse – Michael Angel
Agnes Sorel – Claire Dingley
The Young Queen – Frances Dunphy
Charles, the Dauphin – Colin Bailey
Queen Yolande – Betty Willard
Archbishop of Rheims – Ted Howard
M. de la Tremoville – Eric Hill
Captain La Hire – John Farrell
The Hangman – Michael Angell
Pages to the Dauphin – Claire Burring, David Hamlyn
Ladies in Waiting – Molly Angell Sandra Fewtrell, Pauline Fielder, Lynette Samuels


Stage Manager – Colin Burring
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Penny
Lighting – Alan Hunt
Sound – Paul Davis
Properties – Valerie Birmingham and Marilyn Smart
Costumes – Joan Robarts, Andrea Hammond, Marjorie Sawyer
Set Design – Colin Burring and Kate McGuire
Set Construction – Guild Workshop