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The Long and the Short and the Tall (2002)

The Long and the Short and the Tall
Written by Willis Hall
Directed by Tony Bate
11 – 16 November 2002


Issues of loyalty and danger arise in this strong play of British Soldiers in 1942. A lack of enthusiasm for even being there helps the comedy unfold during the early scenes. Set in the Malayan Jungle with the Japanese some twenty miles to the north and held by the British army, this rookie patrol had little to worry about or so they think.


Corporal Johnstone – Matt Hawes
Sergeant Mitcham – Steve Hunt
Lance Corporal MacLeish – Peter Gray
Private Evans – Peter Griffin
Private Bamforth – Michael Bate
Private Smith – Peter Vale
Private Whittaker – Gareth Hunt
Japanese Soldier – Phil Pearce


Stage Manager and Set Design – Roger Butler
Assistant Stage Manager – Elsie Bate
Set Construction – Erith Royal Engineers
Lighting – Ian Macdonald
Sound Design – Keith Jarman
Sound Operator – Bill Brookes
Costumes – Flame Torbay Costumes
Properties – May Richards, Joanna Lovell
Drill Sergeant – John Humphreys