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The Old Ladies

The Old Ladies
Written by Rodney Ackland
Produced and directed by Shelley Peters
1 – 6 December 2008

This play was produced at the Booth Theatre in New York City, under the title “Night in the House.” In a tumble down house, three poor old ladies live out their lives in an imaginary past. One lives in hope that her boy will return; another, a spinster, exists only on tragic memories; whilst the third, a positive evil genius, frightens the spinster to death. The play succeeds in creating an extraordinary atmosphere of thrills and suspense.


Lucy Amorest – Pauline Ellard
May Beringer – Audrey Christianson
Agatha Payne – Margaret Penny


Stage Manager / Set Design – Graham Peters
Set building – The Dream Team
Properties – Elsie Bate, Tony Bate & Viv Hollingsworth
Sound – Bill Brookes
Lighting – Alan & Pamela Hunt
Costumes – Carole Bramall & Marjorie Sawyer
Prompt – Margaret Baird