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The Pay Off

The Pay Off
Written by William Fairchild
Directed by Robert Lindley
31 May – 5 June 1976

A thug robs a young engaged couple of their last few dollars. When the thug’s gang boss hears of the robbery, he gives them back their money and takes them under his wing. The thug, resentful of the couple, plans to organize a mutiny against the gang’s boss, but when he is killed in a botched robbery, the police focus their attention on the young couple.


Jane Spencer – Gloria Markham
Mrs Mackay – Jenny Gilson
Bartlett – David Wreford
Sir Max Forrester – Colin Bailey
Edwin Palmer – Bill Fielder
Olivia Cameron – Moira Darby
Johnny Tomorrow – Phil Langridge
Frank Canfield – John Wilsdon
Wise – Derek Holden


Stage Manager – Cyril Lincoln
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Fielder
Lighting – Steve Ingerfill
Sound – Andy Howe
Properties – Margaret Pink and Barbara Fisher
Setting – Guild Workshop