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The Perfect Wedding

The Perfect Wedding
Written by Robin Hawden
Directed by Gareth Hunt
9 – 14 September 2002

When Bill wakes up in his honeymoon suite, on the morning of his wedding in bed with another woman, he knows that the day is not going as smoothly as his fiancée, Rachel would like. Worse still Rachel is on the way to the honeymoon suite to prepare for the wedding. Bill, never the best person in any crisis tries desperately to save the day while being ineptly assisted by his best man, an unwitting chambermaid, and the girl in the bed – all trying to stop Rachel from finding out about his indiscretion. The results are hilarious, with a twist thrown in just to complicate matters further.


Bill – David Ellis
Rachel – Holly Jarman
Tom – Michael Bate
Judy – Nicola Bate
Julie – Emma Holland
Daphne – Annette Marchant


Stage Manager – Mick Holland
Assistant Stage Manager – Kirsty Duncombe
Prompt – Carol Butler
Set Design – Colin Burring
Lighting – Aaron Bilham
Sound – Graham King
Costumes – Elizabeth Foster
Properties – Mavis Richards, Janet Hodge
Set Construction – Mick Holland, Russell Tallowin
Set Painting – Mick Holland, Holly Jarman, Emma Holland, Kirsty Duncombe, Gareth Hunt