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The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper
Written by Adrian Mitchell with music by Dominic Muldowney
Directed by Mavis Dunphy
23 – 28 April 1990

Production of the famous story for children of all ages.


The Pied Piper – Philip Vander Gucht
Toffee Jenkins – Alison Ward
Baron Dennis Saveloy – John Wharton
Lady Lucy Saveloy – Daisy May Mulcahy
The Honourable Egbert Saveloy – Clare Daniells
King Rat – Keith Jarman
Nutter Mausenheimer – Harry Dunphy
Cosima Beamer – Betty Bailey
Doctor Thelonius Mungadory – David Maun
Arianalla Skiller – Marion Ellis
Twessa Twangalang – Audrey Christianson
Boggle – Graham Frosdick
Goggle – Graham Peters
Lamplighters – Michael Angell, Tom Bramall
The Iced Knight – Christine Angell
The Rampant Umbrage – Keith Jarman

The Rodents – Claire Berrecloth, Michelle Pearl, Alison Salway
Townsfolk – Carol Butler, Christine Jeffreys, Polly Owen, Anna Pajack, Mark Potter, Alison Salway, Miriam Waters, Paul Wharton
Pupils at the Mayoress’s school and the Massed Rats – Nichola Butler, Tracey Butler, Hannah Frosdick, Sarah Hemsley, Emma Hudson, Holly Jarman, Andrew Jeffreys, Emma Jeffreys, Emma Jeffries, Sarah Johnson, Emma Pearce, Katy Pearce, Ian Preddy, Sarah Stratton.


Musical Director – Ian Skipper
Choreography – Stella Jarman and Michelle Pearl
Stage Managers – Christine Angell, Michael Andrews, Nikki Horner
Set Designed by – Christine Angell
Costumes – Carole Bramall, Marjorie Sawyer
Props – Molly Pritchard, Hilary Medhurst, Helen Hicks, Barbara Brookes
Lighting – Brian Rumble
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Penny

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